The Female Role Model Project
November 7th - December 2nd

Monday, Thursday - Saturday at 8pm

Sundays at 5pm


The Female Role Model Project
Produced by Transforma Theatre Inc.

November 7th - December 2nd

Monday, Thursday - Saturday at 8pm

Sundays at 5pm

The Female Role Model Project, an interactive theatrical experience incorporating live neuroscientific recordings, is coming to the New York City’s premier hub for arts and technology- 3-Legged Dog (3LD) for a four week engagement November 7th through December 3rd, 2018.


Thematically the piece explores representations of female role models and their evolution in a time of great sociopolitical change and the possibility of transforming our brains. It combines theatrical performance and interactive games with live recordings of neural activity from both actors and audience members using Emotiv EEG headsets.

The Female Role Model Project (TFRMP) explores each performer’s own experiences of being a female in the world. The piece's framework identifies and tests the notions of traditional female role models, with the potential of creating new ones to better serve us in the current world of great sociopolitical shifts. The project's artists perform as different role models (e.g., Mulan, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, Kim Kardashian) while the electrical activity of their brain is monitored with portable EEG headsets (provided by tech sponsor Emotiv). The performers' neural functioning is projected for everyone in the theatre to see live and in real time. Composer and music producer Justin Mathews (artist on Selena Gomez’s new album) also created a program that converts the live brain waves of performers’ into an intricate sound design. Audience members and collaborators witness how such role models are represented and processed, according to what they trigger and how they potentially affect us throughout our lives.


Lead by a cognitive neuroscientist and psychology professor at CUNY’s Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, Dr. Natalie Kacinik, they’re bringing the results of their exploration to New York audiences for a 90 minute interactive theatrical experience. They have been collaborating with experts in a variety of fields, including renowned neuroscientist and New York Times best selling author David Eagleman and other scientists studying the nature of human communication and consciousness.

Creative Team:

Created by Tjasa Ferme

Developed with and Directed by Ana Margineanu

Devisers/Cast: Meggan Dodd, Tjasa Ferme, Amina Henry, Jordan Ho, Ashley Lopez,

Stacy Price, Mahima Seigal, Lya Yanne, Meggy Hai Trang, Sandy Simona, Lauren White

Composer and Sound engineer: Justin Mathews

Cognitive Neuroscientist and Psychologist: Natalie Kacinik
Company Manager: Liz Flemming

Neuroscience on stage: Hasibe Melda Kahraman

Brain Synchrony Visualization: Suzanne Dikker & Matthias Oostrik (Mutual Brainwaves Lab)

Past: Lauren Silbert (Pioneer Works)


About Transforma Theatre

Transforma Theatre Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating interactive theatre experiences at the convergence of science, consciousness and ritual.

Do you live in the gut of YouTube and Ted? Are you a junkie of cognitive orgasms? Do you wonder and amaze as aspects of science fiction are becoming reality? Join us at our theatre where performances are paired with live scientific demonstrations right in front of you and we create new realities with immersive high tech including you as a participant! We are here to blow your mind and create unique ecstatic group experiences.


Who we are

Transforma Theatre is a center where art tackles how scientific ideas and metaphysical knowledge about consciousness overlap. We explore the nature of existence and consciousness through science and shamanic rituals and express them through the creation of multimedia performances. We are pioneering a new form of theatrical expression and developing a close community of artists and scientists instilled with the freedom of thinking and creating in alternative ways.


Why we are here

Our way of living, communicating, and computing has changed drastically in the last decade with possibilities to transform one’s brain and modify senses. Our goal is to align forms of theater with current scientific research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, epigenetics, and communicate this knowledge of technological possibilities to our audiences (millennials, science aficionados and theatre goers) in a new pioneering way of storytelling.

We are seeking to expand the understanding of consciousness and share this enlightenment through art.



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